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Our worldwide Group
strives to involve
its partners and all of
its stakeholders in
its development

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This commitment to shared growth and progress requires strict Observance of somes rules of conduct:

  • Integrity in all internal and external stakeholders relationships
  • Respect for the people, recognition of differences without discrimination
  • Commitment to quality in our product and service offerings
  • Team spirit

These values are set forth a Group Code of Ethics, that is the basis of a responsible growth to “Grow together”, the group founding principle.

To ensure that these best practices in the conduct of our business and in the exercise of our activities are respected, the Group’s management encourages employees to speak out; between employees and managers, between employees and HR managers, CSR representatives or the Group’s CSR committee.
The CSR department has set up a whistleblowing procedure and means to report concerns or identifying risky behaviour.

Speek Up Culture


The Speak Up platform is a digital tool for exchanges and complaints that is open to all, to prevent any dysfunction in relations between the Group, its companies, its employees and their stakeholders.
Employees, partners, suppliers, clients, and others involved with the economic life of the SFA Group, if you observe any behaviour that is suspicious or contrary to our Group’s code of ethics, we invite you to come forward immediately.
We are committed to our responsibility; let’s not remain silent about situations that undermine the ethics of our Group.

Go on our website: to transmit your remarks in complete confidentiality.

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