Our responsibility

Our ability to offer original solutions “wherever
water flows” that are low in water and energy
consumption, easy to install and long-lasting
testifies to the Group’s commitment to CSR
issues, well ahead of its time.




Diversity and inclusion

  • By providing more comfort and well-being to individuals and professionals and better health and safety to companies and communities. Kinemagic, an ideal solution dedicated to the elderly to protect seniors from the risk of accidents and to help them stay at home
  • By acting as a sustainable and responsible player in the local economy 
  • By increasing our own locations to expand employment
  • By encouraging diversity and gender equality within the company while providing better comfort at workstations, particularly in our production centres
  • By establishing a constant dialogue in an equitable relationship with our employees and our stakeholders: partners and suppliers, distributors, business customers and consumers.


Reduce our carbon footprint

  • By adopting environmentally responsible practices in the design of our products
  • By increasing our investment in R&D to extend the life cycle of our products
  • By saving raw materials and preferring recyclable materials
  • By setting ambitious targets for our partners and suppliers
  • By adhering to the highest standards of ethics and integrity



A responsible business

  • By staying in touch with our markets to design solutions adapted to their needs
  • By choosing integrated manufacturing in France and Europe
  •  By adopting best practice across the value chain to maintain our industrial excellence
  • By targeting our acquisitions to strengthen our core business and maintain our leadership
  • By winning new markets
  • By being uncompromising on quality and service

Our inventiveness enhances the lives of millions of people around the world.

Our strategy helps create the conditions for a more harmonious life.