Pumps and pumping stations for industrial projects

The result of both an internal and external growth strategy, to strengthen our position in the global market.

Pompes et stations de relevage professionnelles

Our pumps and pumping stations business is symbolic of our strategy, which combines organic and external growth while ensuring that know-how and people are retained and developed.

This approach, which respects our values, has enabled us to build a cohesive, high-performance and stable unit that can drive the Group’s high growth potential.


Usine pompes

A natural link between two world-renowned players, with equally demanding standards for product innovation, robustness and performance.

Being an influential German company, present in over 70 countries, the acquisition of Zehnder Pumpen by SFA Group in 2019, gives the group the ability to accelerate its capacity for innovation and strengthen its industrial facilities.

The arrival of products based on Zehnder Pumpen technology, complementing the range of free-standing stations already developed in our factory in Bregy (Oise) for more than 15 years, means our catalogue now covers all the needs of the market. Pumps, degreasers, above and below ground pumping stations, for individual commercial or collective use, our product ranges are compatible with a very wide range of grey water/black water lifting systems

The Grünhain-Beierfeld production site in the German state of Saxony, joined the Group’s industrial division in 2019, but has always applied the same principles of integrated production as our French plants. The entire Zehnder Pumpen range of electric motors, housings, thermoplastic containers and electric cables is designed and manufactured exclusively in Grünhain in Saxony’s Erzgebirge mountains using high-quality materials and components.


A range of products and services dedicated to professionals

Given this mature and coherent offer, which includes over 1000 products, our engineers have developed sizing software to guide installers towards the right product to achieve optimum performance and longevity for their installation. 


As underground pumping stations are more costly to install, we can even send technicians to site, bringing peace of mind to the teams running the project. This is a typical example of the close win-win relationship we have with our customers. SFA pumps and pumping stations are representative of our brand due to their robustness, durability, high performance and low maintenance.

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