Our story

Inventive for 65 years.

One of the Group’s trademarks is the way it combines creativity with smart and pragmatic thinking. Since its inception, SFA has stood out for its simple and innovative solutions that open up new possibilities and create new needs: Saniflo, Sanicompact, the air system in hydrotherapy and our shower assembly systems are but a few examples of our inventiveness.

Notre histoire

This unique creativity, has shaken up our markets and is supported by the development and manufacture of our solutions in France initially, and now in Europe as our group has grown. The high level of expertise and close control of production costs give our equipment an excellent price/performance ratio. Over 60 countries use our inventions, including many in Asia. »

Claude Perdriel, Founder


An industrial group in constant motion

Giving our professional and private customers ever increasing sanitary comfort and well-being in their daily lives. This goal has always guided our Group’s development strategy through the key milestones in its history.

  • Creation of SFA and
    the first maceration pump unit.
    Acquisition of EuropElec

    • 1958 Sanibroyeur Plus

    A revolution in the sanitary market. Thanks to its solutions for the easy installation of toilets, bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens throughout the house, SFA launched a range of products that now amounts to more than 200 items, sold on every continent.

  • Locations in Europe and North America

    • 1970

    12 years after its creation, the Group is expanding through the opening of new subsidiaries in Europe and North America.

  • TV first campaign

    • 1978 Sanibroyeur Adverdising

    TV Campaign since 1978 in France from the 80’S in English speaking countries.

  • Acquisition of Kinedo

    • 1988 Kinedo

    Takeover of Blanc SA, a family company created 20 years earlier, specialising in the manufacture of synthetic tanks and boat hulls. It became Kinedo in 2003

  • ISO certification of factories

    • 1990 ISO 9001

    A pioneer in France in CSR issues, the Group is committed to a quality certification process. Its production sites are among the first to be ISO certified.

  • Grandform joins the group

    • 1993

    The SFA Group acquires GrandForm, the specialist in body care and relaxation at home. A new development axis in line with the Group's DNA around comfort and well-being.

  • Launch of Kinemagic 

    • 2011 Kinemagic

    SFA launches Kinemagic: 
    the solution for replacing a bathtub with a spacious and safe shower in 24 hours. A precious help for the home maintenance of our seniors

  • Takeover of ZehnderPumpen

    • 2019 Zehnder Pumpen

    Acquisition of the German company Zehnder Pumpen GmbH, a manufacturer of pumps for water purification, industry, home and garden. The company had a turnover of €10 million in 2017 for 55 employees.



    • 2020
    • 2020 - Aquasystem
    • SFA Group - Agitateur d'eau

    - The SFA Group strengthens its Kinedo brand by acquiring the Italian company Format, a leading manufacturer of shower trays in solid surface and gelcoat. .
    - The acquisition of Aquasystems International N.V., a leading designer and manufacturer of water treatment equipment for the industrial and municipal markets, has strengthened the Group's wastewater treatment business.
    - The SFA Group has a strong new visual identity.

  • Merger Granform/Kinedo 

    • 2021 Granform - Kinedo

    the Group decides to unify the offer of its two brands, Kinedo and Grandform, respectively number 1 and number 2 in France, by taking the best of each. The Grandform brand was gradually replaced by Kinedo.



    • 2022 Aqua Turbo Systems
    • 2022 - Inde - Vietnam

    - As the culmination of the international growth strategy pursued in its wastewater treatment equipment design and production business, SFA has created SFA Enviro, a division spanning all the company’s environmental business lines: Europelec (France), Aquasystems International N.V. (Belgium) and Aquaturbo Systems Inc. (USA).

    -The opening of 2 new subsidiaries, in India and Vietnam, has strengthened the SFA Group's presence in Asia, a market with very strong potential.


    • Corée

    - The opening of a new subsidiary in South Korea supports the Group's development strategy in Asia.


The mark of our expertise


Install a toilet
anywhere in the house

The invention of the macerator was revolutionary for the general public in the 1960s. A water supply, a small diameter drain and an electrical connection are all that is needed to install a toilet quickly and easily.
Thanks to the constant research carried out on this product range, our pump units have achieved unparalleled performance.
They offer design and accessibility as well as efficiency for our low-noise, low-water consumption pumping systems. These same qualities continue to drive the success of our businesses or products around the world.


Replace your bathtub
with a safe shower in 24 hours

A universal solution with multiple combinations for replacing a bathtub with a spacious safety shower cubicle closet. An offer that combines the practicality of modern design with easy installation and enhanced comfort.
The Kinemagic range has rapidly become a benchmark in a thriving market that helps keep people in their own homes, particularly by reducing the risk of falls.

Silence & Air massage hydrotherapy system

Immerse yourself in tranquility with this technology invented by Grandform/Kinedo
Système de balneo massage Silence & Air

This massage technology compounds the benefits of water and air in a luminous aura tailored to each customer’s wishes.
This system, developed by our Group, combines the beneficial properties of water and air to deliver a perfect massage and a truly relaxing experience. We have even cut the noise level by half to make it even more comfortable.


within our industry knowledge is power

Photo d'équipe

Our technological and commercial successes contribute to the international recognition of our group. The experience, commitment, intelligence and know-how of each employee, collaboratively makes Group SFA strong and successful.

The industry, like our Group, is a breeding ground for talent. It is a multi-disciplined space that generates value thanks to a diversity of talents, personalities, cultures and generations. As an independent group we can guarantee the right balance between profitability, essential to our development, and strong values »

Arnaud Corbier, CEO