Our core values

Over its 65-year history, our Group has acquired the stature of a global business and the reputation of a decent and responsible company thanks to its core values, which are personified in every employee.

Nos valeurs

    We create smart solutions

    Our inventiveness is the key to our success. We creatively solve complex sanitation challenges and advocate for the development of novel solutions. We encourage each other to expand our skills and remain open to growth and continuous improvement.


    We keep it simple

    We emphasize simplicity in everything we do.
    Our goal is to develop solutions that effectively address complex challenges while being easy to understand and apply.
    Simplicity also requires clear communication; we believe in open and direct communication with all parties.

  • Comfort

    We bring comfort to people’s lives

    Our focus is on high-quality, reliable, and long lasting products that make a difference in people’s lives. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our products and ensuring the comfort and safety of our customers and employees.

  • CARE

    We care for people and planet

    Our responsibility extends beyond our organization.
    We advocate for the well-being and safety of our employees and cultivate an inclusive environment that values diversity. We consider the social and environmental implications in everything we do and work towards making society and the environment a better place.


These values reflect our mindset.

They enable us to move forward by striving to surpass ourselves, working hand in hand with stakeholders, distribution professionals, companies, craftsmen and individuals. This is a prerequisite for a lasting and mutually respectful relationship.

Ces valeurs traduisent notre état d’esprit