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The SFA Group is recognised worldwide for its innovation

This state of mind is cultivated at the heart of our 4 core businesses integrated design departments and is reflected in the design of relevant, reliable and easy to install products. From the original idea to the final product, our teams are involved at every step of the development, the industrialisation and the improvement of our products.

Through our multiple know-how and rich experience that we are committed to transmit through generations, the uniqueness of our solutions is primarily built through contact with our customers. This close relationship nurtures our thinking to continuously improve our processes and our products. This requirement allows us to offer our markets high-performance and practical equipments that often challenges the industry’s status quo.

SFA Saniflush

Our research topics aim to constantly improve quality and long life of our solutions, to facilitate their installation and maintenance, while allowing a refined design and remain affordable.
Our Group is also a pioneer in environmental issues thanks to its low energy and water consumption products, the result of an eco-design process. This responsible approach extends to the packaging phase with “honeycomb” packaging solutions that have definitively replaced polystyrene.
This industrial vision is deployed across all Group sites in our 4 sectors of activity focussing on very specific business lines.

  • At Brégy, the vertical integration strategy combines complementary skills such as plastics processing and the manufacture of electronic motors.

  • The SETMA site, specialised in thermoforming and rotational moulding, is developing increasingly ergonomic and design solutions.

  • Aquaproduction and more recently Format, an Italian company that joined the Group in 2020, are developing innovative technologies for the manufacture of shower trays by harnessing a remarkable mastery of solid surface and gelcoat materials.

  • Finally, SFA Enviro has a strong engineering capacity to respond to the specific demands of its customers through perfectly tailored solutions.

Our expert knowledge of the entire production chain allows us to design products that meet the needs of a constantly evolving market and satisfy the most specific demands. The integrated manufacturing process ensures that all of our ranges have an ever-expanding service life and one of the lowest return rates on the market.


Shower enclosure

Shower enclosure fitting design that avoids the need to step on the shower tray

A significant time-saver for installers. No risk of damage to the shower tray by dropping tools. A highly successful product that has revolutionized installers’ work methods.


Replace your bathtub with a safety shower in under 48 hours
Kinemagic Serenite Plus

A universal solution with multiple combinations that helps elderly people stay at home by considerably reducing the risk of falling.


Install a toilet anywhere without major alterations...
Sanibroyeur Plus

The system combines a macerator unit with a pump that evacuates black water through a small pipe. A range comprising over 200 models designed for all purposes: incorporation into existing toilets, integrated and compact models, a nautical range, and more...

Kinedo Smart Design


Quality and competitiveness

Our Group has always relied on the potential of the national and European industry. Through this vision, our brands have quickly become quality and competitiveness references in our various activities. Sustained investments have enabled us to maintain our production tools at a very high level of technicality integrating the latest digital and robotic innovations providing precision, agility, safety, ergonomics and comfort for our operators. This industrial configuration allows us to offer a very high level of price/performance/quality ratio in all our business lines. This flexible and reactive strategy, in contact with our markets in France and abroad, nourishes this relationship of trust with our customers and develops their loyalty to our brands.

ISO 9001ISO 14001

The Bregy, Setma and Zehnder Pumpen production
sites are ISO 9001 certified
The Bregy site is ISO 14001 certified