Thursday 17 November

Green electricity for the benefit of the planet

Energies vertes

The SFA Group is developing the installation of photovoltaic panels in its factories, to produce more green electricity by 2024.

Renewable energies come from sources that nature constantly renews (sun, wind, heat from the earth, etc.) as opposed to non-renewable energy whose stocks are running out.

They allow us to produce all kinds of energy (electricity, heat, fuel...) and they play a major role in the fight against the Global Warming.


The importance of renewable energies

For the environment

Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energies generate little or no waste and greenhouse gases, thanks to their sources:

- Inexhaustible and abundant

- Entirely natural

- All over the world

Stocks of fossil fuels are decreasing (coal, oil and natural gas) and unlike green energy, which is renewed at a rate higher than that of its consumption, fossil fuels take hundreds of millions of years to constitute.

For health

Substituting fossil fuels with renewable energies reduces the air pollution responsible for many health problems. Indeed, unlike fossil energies, whose combustion releases highly harmful fine particles and ozone, energy sources such as solar and hydraulic power do not emit pollutants.

For local development

Renewable energies enhance the value of local resources and generate activity, creating local jobs and inexpensive means of supplying energy.

For all these reasons, the SFA Group has decided to focus on green energy, particularly electricity.

As part of our CSR Roadmap, we have decided to focus on preserving the atmosphere by using renewable energy. One of our actions is to install photovoltaic panels in several of our plants. For example, by the end of 2023, our production plant for SFA and Kinedo in La Ciotat, France will have installed 16 thousand square meters of solar panels.


Why opt for solar panels?

Solar energy is an abundant source of energy which makes it possible to produce electricity from photovoltaic panels or solar thermal power stations. In addition, the use of photovoltaic panels is inaudible, and they are mostly made of recyclable materials.