Tuesday 12 September

Reducing our carbon footprint: The SFA Group's commitment to a sustainable future

CO2 reduction

As a company committed to preserving and protecting the environment, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint.

The climate emergency is a challenge that we cannot ignore and that makes us rethink the way we live and work. Reducing our carbon footprint is not only an environmental necessity, but also an act of responsibility towards future generations. The SFA Group is committed to doing its part in the fight against climate change by reducing its carbon footprint.

SFA Group is aware of the impact our activities have on the environment. From production to our supply chain to the delivery of our products, we inevitably generate greenhouse gases. However, we firmly believe that we can minimize this impact step by step.

To achieve this goal, we have taken concrete actions, including:

  • Participating in the energy mix: we have invested in installing solar panels on some of our buildings. The electricity generated is consumed at our sites or fed into the collective power grid.

  • Waste prevention: We work to reduce waste at the source and promote recycling at our sites.

  • Optimizing logistics: we strive to optimize our supply chain to reduce the distances and emissions associated with transporting our products from our factories.

Reducing our carbon footprint is a major challenge, but we are committed to achieving this goal. For this reason, we are conducting our first Group-wide greenhouse gas assessment in 2023, the results of which will be published shortly along with our action plan to reduce our carbon footprint.