Wednesday 15 November

SFA Group: Leading the Way in Support of SDG 6 for Clean Schools


On World Toilet Day, we want to spotlight the partnership of the SFA Group and the support we've provided for the Sulabh School Sanitation Club, India. Together, we are steadfastly committed to accelerating school sanitation and hygiene education in Haryana, a project that makes a substantial contribution to the realization of SDG 6 (Sustainable Development Goal).


The SFA Group, through financial donation, has laid the foundation for the implementation of this ambitious initiative. It aims to improve the quality of life and educational opportunities for students in four schools in the Gurgaon block of Haryana State, India. This partnership aligns perfectly with the objectives of SDG 6, which focuses on ensuring clean water and proper sanitation for all.

The collaboration between the SFA Group and the Sulabh School Sanitation Club, India, encompasses the following steps:

  1. Scoping and School Infrastructure Assessment

  2. Capacity Building for Students and Teachers

  3. Sensitization of Stakeholders and Communities

  4. Mass Media Awareness Campaign

  5. Development of Educational Materials

  6. Project Reviews and Follow-up Visits

These steps are integral to the success of the project, which seeks to make schools cleaner and healthier while promoting awareness of clean water and proper sanitation. The project not only positively impacts students but also teachers and the community.

With the financial support of the SFA Group, this project is becoming a reality.
Together, we are committed to achieving SDG 6 and creating a sustainable future for all.