Thursday 17 November

The SFA Group takes action to reduce and recycle waste

Le groupe SFA agit pour la réduction et le recyclage des déchets

In a context of increasing demand for assets, the reduction and recycling of waste can contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Indeed, the production of waste can be harmful to several areas:

- In aquatic ecosystems, the increase of waste has a major impact on biodiversity, as organisms ingest this waste or get caught in it, which can kill them or prevent them from reproducing.

- When discarded in nature, the degradation of waste is long: up to 1000 years for polystyrene.

- Incinerating and burying waste pollutes the atmosphere and the soil.

- Waste also affects our health: we can consume water and food contaminated by particles from waste disposal.

In the SFA Group, we take these issues seriously. On a daily basis, within our structures, we implement actions to reduce our waste production and to recover it.


For all our SFA products, polystyrene packaging will be eliminated by the end of  2023.  As early as 2021, production has started the changeover and a large part of the domestic range has already been converted from polystyrene to honeycomb cardboard, which is 100% recyclable.

Plastic bags have also been significantly reduced, saving over 13 tons of single-use plastic bags.

Recycling of cigarette butts

Our SFA production plant in Brégy cooperates with TchaoMegot, a company that has developed the world's first process to ecologically clean cigarette butts without water or toxic solvents. After cleaning, the butts are recycled, notably as thermal insulation.

Less products consumed for less waste

Our two plants Aquaturbo and Zehnder Pumpen have replaced their fluorescent lights with LED bulbs. In addition to lowering energy consumption, thanks to their lifespan being 10 times longer than other bulbs, their replacement frequency is greatly reduced, which contributes to the reduction of electrical waste.

Elimination of single-use plastic products

In accordance with the French anti-waste law, plastic water bottles are no longer distributed at the Brégy plant. Thermos bottles to be filled at existing drink stations are proposed to the employees.

SFA's headquarters also reduces its waste

SFA's head office is also committed to reducing waste. By 2021, it has decreased its waste production by nearly 38% compared to 2019.