Tuesday 26 April

World Health Day 2022: SFA Group supports the implementation of Hygiene Education Training on World Health Day

Journée mondial de la santé

To extend the impact on SDG6 further, SFA Group decided to further cooperate with Planet Water Foundation in a community-based Hygiene Education program in the Philippines.

World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated every year on 7 April, under the auspices of the World Health Organization, as well as other related organizations.*

The residents of Sitio Happy Valley, Philippines have no stable supply of clean water or electricity. To help address this challenge, SFA Group sponsored the deployment of two  AquaHome systems for the community in March 2022.

Following on from this, on April 7th, World Health Day, SFA Group provided further support to Sitio Happy Valley by sponsoring a Community Education Program for the village's children and their caregivers. The participants joined in discussions and activities about how germs spread and make people sick, and what precautions should be observed to protect themselves from catching illnesses. They also received hand sanitizers and education materials on COVID-19.

"With my job as a street sweeper, I am exposed every day to so much dirt and pollutants. I've learned today how important it is to practice healthy hygiene habits such as handwashing with soap to prevent diseases. I am grateful to have attended this workshop from SFA Group because my children and I are now more informed on how to keep ourselves clean." Portia Tapzon, Mother of Three

✔ At the end of the session, parents were given a guide which highlights the key topics of the workshop, and each participant is also given a hygiene item to take home.

� SFA Group is proud to be part of this initiative, with the Water Planet Foundation.